Henry Linares Jr.

Henry Linares Jr.

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First Name * Henry
Last Name * Linares Jr.
Username * Henry305
Country * USA
City Miami
Nationality Cuban american
Languages Spanish


Preferred Tools Character Design3DStudio MaxConcept ArtTexture ArtistStory boardingBackground designProject breakdownCharacter Animation


I have just graduated with my MFA from the Art Institute Miami University of Art and Design. What I plan on doing now is self promotion in order to start a career in Game Art. I am proficient in 3D Studio Max to create environments, and low poly characters with textures unwrapped. I know my way around Biped and can create custom skeletal rigs. My concepts are done using a 5" x7" drawing tablet that restricts my productivity unfortunately. In the near future I plan on exploding into my full potential by using a Wacom Intuos 4 XL for more freedom in illustration.